Linode新增法兰克福Frankfurt机房了,大家在购买Linode VPS时又有了新的选择。不过,主机啦…

Linode新增法兰克福Frankfurt机房了,大家在购买Linode VPS时又有了新的选择。不过,主机啦个人觉得只要那些牛逼的站长才有益,一般的站长做的网站面对的客户主要是国内用户,而这种一般会选择Linode日本机房或美国机房,不会选择德国的机房的。



Achtung baby! Linodes in Deutschland!

We’re excited to announce our newest European datacenter located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany! This new facility will better serve the growing tech communities in Germany, greater Europe, and surrounding areas.

This marks our eighth datacenter worldwide, and complements our other Europe-based datacenter in London. Both our Frankfurt and London deployments are located in TelecityGroup facilities.

Frankfurt is an important financial and Internet hub for Europe, with a third of Europe’s Internet traffic going through it. Frankfurt is home to DE-CIX, the largest Internet exchange in the world in terms of traffic. DE-CIX will no doubt provide abundant peering access opportunities for us, over time.

Linode customers can now be compliant with Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act (a.k.a., Bundesdatenschutzgesetz or BDSG) by hosting their data on German soil.

Frankfurt supports all Linode features and services, and same great hardware including datacenter-grade SSD storage, E5-2680v3 CPUs, DDR4 ECC SDRAM, full-stack redundant networking and 40 GbE to each hypervisor host. Linode Frankfurt is KVM only.

Now is the time when we dance.

另外,附上Linode官方的说明,值得提的是,新的法兰克福Frankfurt机房同样是SSD硬盘、E5-2680v3 CPUs, DDR4 ECC SDRAM,40 Gb BH等,性能肯定是不错的。